Colour Our World !!!

The strokes of the brush, the splash of colours, communion with nature and the vision of an artist - there is nothing that doesn't breathe with ease at the Art Department of DPS East of Kailash.

Kids' imagination finds its joyful outlet into the ever-filled art book, showing their bright, colourful outcome. Our budding artists are trained to sketch or paint in black and white, paint tiles, make multifarious collages and mosaics, glass painting and block painting.

They are left free to portray their ideas. Use of different mediums of colours is also an inherent part of the regular training.

Apart from the routine work, children take part in Stick, Camlin and Shanker's art competitions and bring laurels to the school.

The cultural events of the school are never complete without the artistic input of teachers, parents and students working together, be it stage aesthetics, the school boards, making of props or decorating the school premises. There is always a new perspective, a new dimension, a new approach..... a treat for the eyes!

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