E-Learning at EOK

D.P.S EOK has been a pioneer in introducing computer aided learning and teaching at the primary school level. Our tiny computer whizzes navigate the “virtual” world with ease and familiarity. Learners are central in the teaching learning process. Teachers try to respond to the needs and interest of the class. Lessons include lots of practical work and theory.

There are two well-equipped computer labs with 20 Pentium IV computers in each lab and a LCD Projector. The ratio of two students per computer is maintained. All the computers are multi media equipped. The software available to the children include Paintbrush, Logo, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel etc. With the help of these software students become proficient in the use of technology. Apart from these software, CDs on different subjects are used to make the learning process more effective and enjoyable.
The Virtual School Programme- has been launched by DPS EOK in association with HCL Learning Solutions to design a virtual classroom which gives parents access to worksheets assignments, Old question papers, important notices and school photographs. Parent - Teacher interaction has been enhanced through E-mails.It also imparts value based education to the students The future "movers and shakers" have thus a wonderful and enriching entry into the world of "doers and achievers".

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