English EVS Maths Hindi

Environmental Study

We in DPS realized that education is a process by which each child becomes a useful citizen not only of India but also of the world. In this endeavour we realized that the need of the hour was to look into depleting world resources – be it in terms of manpower, forest, water wildlife etc.

Teaching EVS
The new book Environmental Studies Looking Around by N.C.E.R.T. seems to be the need of the hour to make children aware of environmental issues.The book is activity based so it discourages children from rote learning and its makes the children partners in eductation. Children learn through craft, project work, group activity, debates & visits to places. A number of activities are organized in school.

  1. Screening of films
    a) From discovery- life of an elephant
    b) Cds on insects etc
  2. Celebration
    a) Earth Day- laying emphasis on importance of earth, making posters to show why earth needs to be looked after.
    b) Say no to poly bags encouraging children to make paper bags.
    c) Labour Day - encouraging dignity of Labour teaching them to respect the helping hands
  3. Workshop organized
    a) Global Warming
    b) Planting trees
    c) Health is wealth

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