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Hindi at Delhi Public School

Importance of learning Hindi

  • Hindi being the mother tongue of most of our children, is learnt first at home from parents and relatives. We, at school, help to further enhance the language learning when the children are very young.
  • Hindi is our national language and used in most states as the language of communication and official documents.
  • Hindi is a scientific and easy to learn language since the spoken word is also the way the word is written.
  • Hindi is also the 3rd most widely spoken language in the world.

Aim of Hindi teaching

  • To enable the child to become perfect in reading, listening, speaking and writing the Hindi language.
  • To achieve this goal we are doing plenty of work in the classes, as well as outside the class in the form of activities like – recitation, debate, story- telling, reading, extempore speech, audio- visual presentations, role playing and dramatization, power point presentations on computer etc.
  • For the teaching of good speaking skill we emphasise on correct pronunciation. So we are following the modern technique reading and recitation first by the teacher and then by the children – both individually and in groups.
  • After teaching the lesson we discuss the questions and give each child a chance to answer for maximum participation. Following the discussion children are able to write the answers on their own.
  • For developing the listening skill, we read a story and passage or play an audio tape and ask the children to answer the question based on that. It helps the child to be more attentive to what he is being told.
  • We encourage the children to speak correct Hindi so that they may write it correctly too. To develop the creativity and thinking ability of the children, we give them paragraph writing, poetry creation, story writing, sometimes on their own and sometimes by giving them helping words and rhyming words also.
  • Children are encouraged to read good Hindi books, stories and to write new words in a notebook. They make a class magazine every month which makes them feel proud of doing some creative work, be it as an editor, writer or illustrator.
  • In the library period, they are asked to write about whatever they have read as a book review, so that their written expression can be improved.
  • To improve their vocabulary and comprehension level they are asked to learn antonyms, synonyms, one word formation etc. Also, they are asked to read and answer the questions related to their grammer concept.
  • Parents too can contribute towards developing a love for this beautiful language in their ward by reading good Hindi stories and poems with them and speaking chaste Hindi at home.
  • Hindi website you can visit –



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