A Typical Day at DPS EOK
Even before school starts, we have Morning Activities.
Want to know what we learn?
We start our day with a Morning Assembly which is attended by the  whole school.
We say our prayers and also get  an opportunity to display our talent.
Of course, we learn all about
the Earth
and Maths
and scientific facts.
We also learn French and German besides English
We visit the World of Adventure
We have a well-stocked School Library

In the A.V.Room, our friends are our talking tutors from various CDs.

Woody the Tree takes us to the World of Plants!!
The Maths Rabbit teaches us Maths!!
and Banana Monkey--teaches us English!!
there are many more such talking tutors.

We enjoy Music and Dance when we don't dance to our teachers' tunes!!!!!
After so much food for thought, it is time for food for the tummy.

how to be sporting

how to be artistic
Every year, we have interesting programs like
Each year we have an Investiture Ceremony where the children who have been given special duties ( Head Boy , Head Girl , Prefects etc.) are accorded badges by the Principal. These children take an oath and assist in the running of the school.
Service Week - The motto of the school is "Service before Self". Through various activities we learnt more about Child Labour, Old Age Homes and what we can do as children to make the world a better place.
At functions like the Annual Day and other Cultural Functions all the students of the school perform dances , plays, ballets, aerobics and other group activities.

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